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React JSX Question

How to pass dynamic props to child component in ReactJS?

I am dynamically toggling between two components like so:

{this.props.firstname ? (

firstname = "SomeFirstName"

) : (

But instead of
, I want to pass
as the value for the
prop to the
<ProfileDropdown />
component. How do I do that?

Answer Source

Basic Rule:

We can embed any JavaScript expression in JSX by wrapping it in curly braces.

To specify any expression inside JSX, we need to use {}, use it and put this.props.firstName inside that.

Write it like this:

     firstname = {this.props.firstname}

Check the DOC: Embedding Expressions in JSX


Check this example, you will get a better idea:

{this.props.firstname ? (         //expression so {}
    <ProfileDropdown              //jsx
        firstname = {1 == 1 ?     //here {} to put expression inside JSX
            <div> {1+1} </div>    //inside div(JSX), so use {} again to put expression 1+1
            : <div>World</div>
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