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SKAudioNode has issues doing SKActions in Xcode 9b2

so i have a project that run perfectly fine on xcode 8 but when i am trying to run it on xcode 9b2 it crashes.

i am creating audionode:

let birdSound = SKAudioNode(fileNamed: "fly.mp3")

add it to scene and it works.
but if i am doing actions like: 0, duration: 0)) 1.1, duration: 0))

it will crash with

AURemoteIO::IOThread (14): EXC_BAD_INSTRUCTION (code=EXC_I386_INVOP,

last debug lines are:

177: Failed to set processVolumeScalar on device. Error: 560947818 93:

what is going on and why i cant do any SKActions on audio nodes?
any thoughts?

Answer Source

in xcode 9b5 it works fine :/ false alarm

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