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How To Remove Decimal From Magento-1 Prices?

all I found in my search is a programming solution for this.
I know that we can modify /lib/Zend/Locale/Data/en.xml for english stores.
there was in en.xml this part:

<pattern>#,##0.00 ¤</pattern>

And the price was displaying in this format: 1,321.54
now to remove the decimal part from price I think the only thing I have to do is change en.xml to be like the following:

<pattern>#,##0 ¤</pattern>

The problem is after this change the prices are show as desired (1,132 Format) but without currency symbol ($).
what I'm missing here??
Thanks in advance.

I'm still trying, when pattern node changed to the following

<pattern>¤ #,##0</pattern>

the prices are coming with currency symbol ($ 1,132) but not in desired position O_O, the requirement is to have currency symbol on the right side no left :( SO..


In order to change price precision in magento you would need to overwrite some core files.

In the example below we are changing precision to 0.

1) Overwrite lib/Zend/Currency.php and change precision around line:

 69     protected $_options = array(
 70         'position'  => self::STANDARD,
 71         'script'    => null,
 72         'format'    => null,
 73         'display'   => self::NO_SYMBOL,
 74         'precision' => 0,    /*CHANGE*/
 75         'name'      => null,
 76         'currency'  => null,
 77         'symbol'    => null,
 78         'locale'    => null,
 79         'value'     => 0,
 80         'service'   => null,
 81         'tag'       => 'Zend_Locale'
 82     );

2) overwrite app/code/core/Mage/Core/Model/Store.php and change roundPrice function:

public function roundPrice($price)
    return round($price, 4);

3) overwrite app/code/core/Mage/Directory/Model/Currency.php and change format function:

public function format($price,
                            $includeContainer = true,
                            $addBrackets = false)
  return $this->formatPrecision( $price,