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C# Question

Why are my array objects are of type "type": ["object","null"] when generating a JsonSchema

So, I have a class defined as such...

public class foo
public List<bar> Bars {get;set;}

public class bar
public string foorbar {get;set;}

When I use the
to generate its schema I get the following output...

var generator = new JsonSchemaGenerator();
return generator.Generate(typeof(foo), false);

"type": "object",
"properties" : {
"type": "array",
"items": {
"type": ["object","null"],
"properties": {

So, why are my items inside the array of type
"type": ["object","null"]

I believe this is causing issues, how can I remove the nullable object type here?


Answer Source

The scheme allows null because you could do something like this and try to serialize it, which is perfectly valid on the C# side:


To disallow null values in JSON side of the array, add the JsonArrayAttribute to the array member (Bars), like this:

public List<bar> Bars {get;set;}

Details can be found here.

I was led to this attribute by looking at the source code of JsonSchemaGenerator, specifically, line 285.

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