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How to structure component when using new Audio in react

I am new to React so getting to grip with thinking in React.

I want to play an audio clip when a user clicks on a button in React. I want the know the best way to set up the

so that I have the audio in the correct method of the component.

In my 'app' have 3 songs, but I only want to create one instance of the Audio object.

In jQuery I would do something like this:

var songs = ['1.mp3', '2.mp3', '3.mp3'];
var i = 0;
var audio = new Audio();

audio.src = songs[i];;

audio.src = songs[i];;

Currently my react code looks like below. Perhaps I am using
incorrectly? Do I need to set
somewhere? or does it need to be a

var Player = React.createClass({

componentDidMount: function() {
var audio = new Audio();
audio.src = "test.mp3"

playSong: function() {

render: function(){
<div className="footer">
<i onClick={this.playSong} className="play"></i>
<i className="pause"></i>
<i className="next-song"></i>

Answer Source

You could have a prop of audioSources and have that be an array of mp3 file names. You could then also have a state of activeAudioIndex on your Player component and when it first loads do something like:

// set audio as a property of component `` can be accessed anywhere in component
audio: new Audio(), 

getInitialState: function() { 
  return {
   activeAudioIndex: 0

componentDidMount: function() { = this.props.audioSources[this.state.activeAudioIndex]

nextSong: function() {
  var nextSongIndex = this.state.activeAudioIndex + 1 = this.props.audioSources[nextSongIndex]
  this.setState({activeAudioIndex: nextSongIndex})

playSong: function() {

and then when you are actually using this component can do

<Player audioSources={['1.mp3', '2.mp3', '3.mp3']} />
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