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Swift Question

Find minutes remaining between two times

I have two times in the format

how would I compare the second from the first one finding how many minutes left until I reach to the first time:


timeOne = 12:01
timeTwo = 11:32
output = 29 minutes

Any help writing this in

Answer Source

NSCalendar can diff dates easily (assuming start and end are NSDate instances

let calendar = NSCalendar.currentCalendar()
let components = calendar.components(.Minute, fromDate: start, toDate: end, options: [])


If you are interested in getting just the formatted string, and not the actual value, then checkout NSDateComponentsFormatter:

let formatter = NSDateComponentsFormatter()
formatter.allowedUnits = .Minute
formatter.unitsStyle = .SpellOut
// includesTimeRemainingPhrase gives strings like "T minutes remaining"

formatter.stringFromDate(start, toDate: end)

By changing the unitsStyle, you could get different representations, such as:

"54 minutes"
"54 min"
"fifty-four minutes"
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