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CSS Question

bug investigation in browser rendering

I have a strange CSS bug. My nice blue button with renders neatly in the mobile phone and in the developer mode of a web browser. But not in the normal mode. What could be the problem?

Is my strategy best to try and make a MCVE, then the button works. Should I now try and validate the html then it validates with w3c but the buttons still don't render if I don't enable developer mode. It's the blue button to the right and I base my code on the item example in the manual of semantic-ui.

enter image description here

Can you help me?

Answer Source

I would like to advice you to remove this container class this is the reason such thing happening.

<section class="list_container">
                    <div class="container">

This code should be

<section class="list_container">

just remove this class no other changes thank you

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