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Java Question

Regex to match version number for zero or more time

I am writing a regex to match for following type of strings:


With the help of
A regex for version number parsing
I figured out following

String pat = "^my-jar(-|\\.)?(?:(\\d+)\\.)?(?:(\\d+)\\.)?(?:(\\d+)\\.)?(\\*|\\d+).jar$";
Pattern patt = Pattern.compile(pat);
System.out.println("For my-jar-1.2.jar - " + patt.matcher("my-jar-1.2.jar").find());
System.out.println("For my-jar- - " + patt.matcher("my-jar-").find());
System.out.println("For my-jar.jar - " + patt.matcher("my-jar.jar").find());

Output is

For my-jar-1.2.jar - true
For my-jar- - true
For my-jar.jar - false

How do I include the last case in my regex?

Answer Source

Would there be anything wrong with the following regex:


Demo here:


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