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Javascript Question

Variable name as a string in Javascript

Is there a way to get a variable name as a string in Javascript? (like NSStringFromSelector in Cocoa)

I would like to do like this:

var myFirstName = 'John';
alert(variablesName(myFirstName) + ":" + myFirstName);

--> myFirstName:John

-- added

I'm trying to connect a browser and another program using JavaScript. I would like to send instance names from a browser to another program for callback method.

FooClass = function(){};
FooClass.someMethod = function(json) {
// Do something

instanceA = new FooClass();
instanceB = new FooClass();
doSomethingInAnotherProcess(instanceB); // result will be substituted by using instanceB.someMethod();


[From another program]


How to get a variable name as a string in PHP?

Answer Source

Typically, you would use a hash table for a situation where you want to map a name to some value, and be able to retrieve both.

var obj = { myFirstName: 'John' }; = 'Another name';
for(key in obj)
    alert(key + ': ' + obj[key]);

Try it here.

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