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Angular Material - md-autocomplete dropdown's width

I'm using

from Angular Material: here

It seems the dropdown's width goes with the input field's width. If an item's text is too long, there is

However, I want to show full text of an item, while keeping the input field's width relatively short. That is, the dropdown's width should expand with its content.

I tried inspecting the styles of
's elements, but couldn't find any style that does the trick. Any idea?


Here are the style I ended up having:


.md-autocomplete-suggestions-container .md-virtual-repeat-scroller{

.md-autocomplete-suggestions-container .md-virtual-repeat-sizer{
height:0 !important

.md-autocomplete-suggestions-container .md-virtual-repeat-offsetter{

However there is one more issue. The
always shows the vertial scroll bar even when not needed. If I change it to
, the vertical scroll bar when present will create
. How do I solve this?

Answer Source

You can use css to style md-virtual-repeat-container.

However, that would style every instance of md-virtual-repeat-container that you may have on your site (ie, md-autocomplete and md-virtual-repeat).

Unfortunately, there isn't an option to adjust individual md-autocomplete dropdowns at the moment. I created a ticket and pull request to hopefully solve this issue. Fingers crossed that this will be included in one of the future releases of Angular Material.

Best of luck!

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