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stl::iterators with raw pointers

I want to use iterators with C++ arrays, but with raw pointers too.
I can do with a static vector:

#define SIZE 10
int vect[SIZE] = {0};
vect[3] = 5;
int* p = std::find(std::begin(vect), std::end(vect), 5);
bool success = p != std::end(vect);

How can be possible to do it with a raw pointer (maybe a heap allocated vector)?
Of course the compiler does not know the size of the data, so this code

int* pStart = vect;
std::find(std::begin(pStart), std::end(pStart), 5);


error C2784: '_Ty *std::begin(_Ty (&)[_Size])' :
could not deduce template argument for '_Ty (&)[_Size]' from 'int *'

Is it possible to make
aware of it?

Answer Source

No it is not possible to use std::begin and std::end on a pointer. Unlike an array whose size is part of the type and therefor deducible a pointer does not hold the size of the thing it points to. In your case with a pointer you would have to use

std::find(pStart, pStart + SIZE, 5);

The way to avoid this though is to use std::vector when you are not going to know what the szie will be at compile time. It will manage the memory for you and provides begin and end member functions.

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