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PHP Question

How to extract only 'Day' value from full 'Date' string?

I have an array of Date values in the format of

. I want to loop over the array and only extract the day (
) of each member, but can't figure out to split it. Do I use substrings in some way?

Put simply, I have
, and I want to get just
from that. The problem being the day could be either single or double figures.

Answer Source

If you have PHP < 5.3, use strtotime():

$string = "2010-11-24";
$timestamp = strtotime($string);
echo date("d", $timestamp);

If you have PHP >= 5.3, use a DateTime based solution using createFromFormat - DateTime is the future and can deal with dates beyond 1900 and 2038:

 $string = "2010-11-24";
 $date = DateTime::createFromFormat("Y-m-d", $string);
 echo $date->format("d");
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