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Markdown Question

Xcode how to specify inline images in a Markdown file

I'm thinking of creating a help file in Markdown, to add to an Xcode project.

I'd prefer to include image files in the project, rather than refer to urls.

I know for example that I can do this:

![my image name](http://example.com/aFolder/myImage.png)

but I'd like to do something like this:

![my image name](file://myImage.png)


![my image name](myImage.png)

Any ideas on what to try, or am I barking up the wrong tree trying to use Markdown?


Answer Source
![image alt text](myImage.png)

is correct. However, the path (myImage.png) is relative to your markdown file, so in this case, myImage.png would be in the same directory as the markdown file. If, for instance, it's in its own folder called images, you'd do ![my image name](images/myImage.png)

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