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Perl Question

Is there a less clumsy alternative for copying a maximum number of array elements?

In a world of many

With a
to what one can do,

Life proposes many

But at times just one or two.

In a bid to minimize line noise

What can Tim Toady do?

Here are a few ways I've thought of, but they just seem so clumsy. Surely there's a more elegant way to DWIM:

  • Verbose one-liner

    my @choices = @options <= $limit ? @options : @options[0..$limit-1]; # Blech

  • Slice control

    my @choices = @options[0..(@options <= $limit ? $#options : $limit - 1)]; # Even worse

  • Cheesy slice inside a slice

    my @choices = @options[0..($#options, $limit-1 )[@options > $limit]]; # Crazy eyes

  • Clearer intent, but over two lines

    my @choices = @options;
    @choices = @options[0..$limit-1] if $limit < @options;

mob mob
Answer Source
@choices = @options; splice @choices, $limit;

Update: Aha, here's what works in one statement:

@choices = splice @{[@options]}, 0, $limit;
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