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Split regex in Scala keeping delimiter

I'm trying to split a string using Regex with some rules:

  • The string should be split into 2 with the the first part containing at least 2 characters

  • The second part is made up of all characters starting with the first number (after the second character)

e.g. AB1234 = AB and 1234 , C56789 = C5 and 6789 , ZYX3939Y = ZYX and 3939Y

I have this Regex which is nearly working, but it loses the character it is splitting on:

val t = request.number.split("(?<=.{2})[0-9]{1}", 2)

println(t(0), t(1))



What is the correct regex and is there an easier way of doing this?

Answer Source

You would be better off using span and splitAt methods on String.

val (twoFirst, rest) = request.number.splitAt(2)
val (noNumber, tail) = rest.span(!_.isDigit)
(twoFirst + noNumber, tail)

The first val splits the input after the second character. The second val splits the input as soon as it finds a digit.

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