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Swift Question

Custom Intent for Medical domain application

With release of iOS 10, SiriKit available for developers to make applications Siri enabled.But from SiriKit Documentation, it looks like SiriKit supports for specific domain apps.

Currently Apple suggest following domains :

  • VoIP calling

  • Messaging

  • Payments

  • Photo

  • Workouts

  • Ride booking

  • CarPlay(automotive vendors only)

  • Restaurant reservations (requires
    additional support from Apple)

But my application is in medical domain, which is not listed above.
I want application to Siri enabled to book appointment with his/her favourite doctor, for possible time slots or find doctor according to location and book appointment.

Documented Intent Domains.

So can we create custom
to support this functionalities ?

Answer Source

No you can't on iOS 10. This is pure conjecture but creating a totally new intent probably requires much more work on Siri servers:

  • necessary vocabulary for all the supported langugages
  • mapping which parts of the spoken sentences should be part of Siri's vocabulary and which should be part of your apps
  • developing the process/processes necessary to fulfill an intent (param resolving, confirmation etc.)
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