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Couchbase 4.1 - N1QL by endpoint

I use Reactive Couchbase (this is Scala port for Java SDK -

And for query this use http endpoint (http:// mycouchbaseadress:8093 /query?q=N1QL Comand) but response for server is "Unrecognized parameter in request: q".

I Find in stackoverflow to start cbq-engine so try to launch 'cbq-engine -couchbase http:// mycouchbaseadress:8093 /' but have error ''flag provided but not defined: -couchbase"

My couchbase version is 4.1 community

Do you know how I can send my n1ql query to server by endpoint?

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It seems like there is a bug in ReactiveCouchbase, or at least its N1QL support was developed against an outdated beta version of the feature.

With Couchbase Server 4.0 GA and above, you don't need to run cbq-engine (this was the process used during N1QL's beta).

The problem is that in the code, the q= parameter is used where it should now be statement= (or a JSON body).

There is a open pull-request that happens to fix that issue among other things, but it's been opened a long time.