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CSS Question

How to use character code with ::before pseudo element

I have html with

<meta charset="UTF-8">
and want add black right-pointing pointer to
but it`s not working.

If I simply put &#x25ba to html I would see pointer. But with
I see different problems.
I try
content: '►';
- it`s show strange symbol.

Also does not work
and other combinations. I can use background-image or something like that, but I don`t want do this.

Maybe you know what I`m doing wrong? Thanks for help!

Answer Source

&#9658; is the unicode for a right pointing arrow

25B6 or 25BA is the hex for a right pointing arrow

In CSS you need to escape the hex when using it, see working example


span::before {
  content: '\25B6';

#span-2::before {
  content: '\25BA';
<meta charset="UTF-8">

<span> Right Pointing Arrow</span>
<span id="span-2"> Another right pointing arrow</span>

<p>&#9658; Unicode Right pointing arrow in HTML</p>

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