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MpAndroid CandleStick Chart, to see the last values

I am using MPAndroid Chart Library's Candle Stick Chart.
like i am showing financial data from year 2011 tills date for every 10 minutes.
so i have lots of candle data in one screen.
i have zoomed in the values using
candleStickChart.setVisibleYRangeMaximum(10, YAxis.AxisDependency.RIGHT);
candleStickChart.setScaleMinima(150f, 1.5f);

but i have to scroll to right to see the last candle data.
i have gone through the documentations, but not able to get how to fix the screen to latest data to swipe to left to see the previous


Try with this:

//Here mChart is your chart object and xVals contains values of X axis.

This answer will solve your problem.

Edit 1:


This will show maximum and minimum 7 candles in screen at a time. To view more you have to swipe.