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Adobe DTM - Get ID value from div that enters viewport (event based rule)

How do I capture the value of the ID attribute of a div, from a specific class, that enters the viewport in "visible" state?
When I create a "enters viewport" rule, it fires for all the divs in the source code, (given that they are within the viewport) visible or not.

I can't seem to write the condition to only fire the rule when the div is visible, or how to get the attribute ID.

Answer Source

Use an Event Based Rule:

  • Event Type: enters viewport
  • Element Tag or selector: div.specialClass //specialClass is the class you search for
  • Rule Condition, Custom: if (jQuery("div.specialClass:visible")[0] != undefined){return true;}

Thats it, the rule will fire if the element with the specialClass will enter the viewport and is visible.

To track the ID, just use a Data Element with a CSS Selector and in this Event Based Rule reference to this Data Element.

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