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LaTeX Question

How can I set twoside, symmetric layout for bookdown::tufte_book2()

I'm using the fantastic new

package, right off of Yihui's boilerplate, using the

The result is lovely, but I'd like the pages to be symmetrical, so that the margins are always on the outside of a two-sided book.

I understand that the original tufte latex package offered this via simply setting:


Where do I plug this into my bookdown project?

I've tried just adding it to the
, but that didn't do anything.

Ps.: Please don't shout at me that this is LaTeX question; it's really not. It's an
question which happens to output LaTeX.

Pps.: Have I mentioned how marvellous and beautiful Yihui's bookdown package this?
The future of (academic) (~nerdy) publishing is with us!

Answer Source

Set classoption in the YAML metadata of index.Rmd:

classoption: twoside,symmetric

For more LaTeX variables, see

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