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managing user sessions for multiple devices node js using JWT

I am making an application in which I am using JWT for maintaining sessions. When any new user registers then I provide a JWT token to user and store it in my database as well as in users browser. When user log out, then i delete that token from browser and my database.

But I want that if user is logged in from multiple devices then it it will log out from one device, it does not logout from other devices as well. How do I achieve this?

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First, JWT are not supposed to be able to "log out", but to automatically expire, that is why you are supposed to set short expiresIn times.
It is because with JWT, sessions are handled by the client, it is not the server's responsibility to log out users, it is the user who just throw away the JWT.

In your case, I suppose you check if the JWT exist in your DB before allowing the user, and as such, you just need to search and delete the others JWT associated to that account.
But if you want to make things clean, embrace JWT logic: just set short life time, and wait for them to expire.

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