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MySQL Question

MySQL search text column for a specific word

What I would like to do is search for a specificity word in my table like so:

SELECT * FROM my_table WHERE MATCH (description) AGAINST ('test');

And this will return all the rows in my_table that contains the string 'test'.

The problem is this dose not always happen. Meaning it will work sometimes after I have recreated the table.

(date date,
time time,
name varchar(50),
description text,

Because it only happened sometimes it has led me to believe that there must be some problem with the indexing.

So I tried setting the ft_min_word_len to 1 that did nothing.
My MySQLVersion is 5.1.57-community.

Thank you for your help.

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Answer Source

match and against is a natural language search. if your column contains 50% or more of what you pass in the against() parameter, it will be considered common and would not return anything. just use SELECT * FROM my_table WHERE DESCRIPTION LIKE '%test%' where the % wildcard depicts that there is a word or phrase or suffix/prefix before or after.

here read to learn more

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