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C# Question

How to access a button using its name as a string in a for loop

I need to access a button in a for loop but it's Name has to be changed.


  • There are a number of buttons whose Names are bt1,bt2,bt3,...bt25.

  • I'm using a for loop in my code for certain purpose to disable or enable those buttons.

  • Can I use a for loop to do this??


for(int i =1;i<25;i++)
"bt"+"i".Enable = True;

How cam I make the string as a control?

Answer Source
for(int i =1;i<25;i++)
    this.Controls["bt"+ i.ToString()].Enable = True;

VB (using code converter):

For i As Integer = 1 To 24
    Me.Controls("bt" & i.ToString()).Enable = [True]
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