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Node.js Question

get values from client side to server side (node.js + express.js)

I'm still trying to understand the concepts of node.js so please don't blame me if this is a dumb question..

In node.js, is it possible to get a value from index.jade to index.js?

For example:


a(href="/bla" name="someName") Blabla


router.get('/bla', function(req, res){

//get value of name ("someName") or string ("Blabla")

console.log( ??


If this is not possible, I would like to know why...


Answer Source

No, it's not possible, for the simple reason that the name attribute in your HTML doesn't get passed to the server (any server, not necessarily a Node-based server).

If you want to pass a value in a GET request, you generally pass it as part of the URL:

a(href="/bla?name=someName") Blabla

This will generate the following HTML:

<a href="/bla?name=someName">Blabla</a>

In your server code, you can access the value using

Taking this a step further: if you have a variable available to your template called "name", you can use something similar, but a bit more dynamic:

a(href="/bla?name=" + encodeURIComponent(name)) Blabla

encodeURIComponent makes sure that any "special" characters (that may have a special meaning in URL's) will be encoded properly.

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