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Groovy Question

How to set project.version by passing version property on gradle command line?

I want to build JAR with self-defined version passed via command line, such as:

When I execute gradle build task like this:

gradle build -Pversion=1.0

myproject-1.0.jar should be generated.

I have tried adding the line below to the build.gradle, but it did not work:

version = project.hasProperty('version') ? project['version'] : '10.0.0'

Answer Source

You are not able to override existing project properties from command line, take a look here. So try to rename a version variable to something differing from version and set it with -P flag before command, like:

gradle -PprojVersion=10.2.10 build 

And then in your build.gradle

if (project.hasProperty('projVersion')) {
  project.version = project.projVersion
} else {
  project.version = '10.0.0'

Or as you did with ?: operator

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