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r-concatenate for n elements from list

I am trying to read data from a column and then concatenate my desired information into a string.

So far I wrote R script successful for a single string input, but I can't mange to do it for


reprows <- strsplit("Day1_XExp2B3_500x_Y_Z", "_", fixed = T)
lenreprows <- length(reprows[[1]])
temprepnamelisttopaste <- c(2:(lenreprows-2))
temprepname <- paste(sapply(reprows[temprepnamelisttopaste]),collapse='.')

Data looks like in each row:


My output should be:


Answer Source

How about

## a function for re-concatenation
rc <- function (u) paste0(u[2:(length(u)-2L)], collapse = ".")
## main code
unlist(lapply(strsplit(x, "_", fixed = T), rc))

where x is your character column with many elements. I made a simple test with

x <- rep("Day1_XExp2B3_500x_Y_Z", 2)

and the codes gives

#[1] "XExp2B3.500x" "XExp2B3.500x"

Looks like working fine.

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