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MySQL - Is it possible to use LIKE on all columns in a table?

I'm trying to make a simple search bar that searches through my database for certain words. It is possible to use the LIKE attribute without using WHERE? I want it to search all columns for the keywords, not just one. Currently I have this:

mysql_query("SELECT * FROM shoutbox WHERE name LIKE '%$search%' ")

Which obviously only searches for names with the search input. I tried both of these:

mysql_query("SELECT * FROM shoutbox LIKE '%$search%' ")
mysql_query("SELECT * FROM shoutbox WHERE * LIKE '%$search%' ")

and neither worked. Is this something that is possible or is there another way to go about it?


You might want to look at the MATCH() function as well eg:

SELECT * FROM shoutbox 
WHERE MATCH(`name`, `foo`, `bar`) AGAINST ('$search')

You can also add boolean mode to this:

SELECT * FROM shoutbox 
WHERE MATCH(`name`, `foo`, `bar`) AGAINST ('$search') IN BOOLEAN MODE

You can also get the relevance scores and add FULLTEXT keys to speed up the queries.