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Python Question

.split from a file and putting it in an array

Im reading a file with some information and each part is separated with a @ however on each line i want it to be a different array so i did this and im not sure why its not working.

main_file = open("main_file.txt","r")

for line in main_file_info:

test=test[n][1:len(test)-1] # to get rid of empty strings at the start and the end
print(test)# see what comes out


Answer Source

The way you are inserting the output of line.split("@") in your list is wrong. Your list is not initialized, hence, you can't simply assign anything to any element of the list. So, what you need to do is this :


Or, you can initialize your list as below :

test = [[]]*(len(main_file_info))
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