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HTML Question

show a website loading image using only CSS (not Javascript or jQuery)

How can i put a logo and a loading image when a user open the website

when the user open the website the logo appear with a loading image than the home page appear after a certain moment like this website

and it possible to do that without using javascript or jquery only in css?

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Yes, you can animate with pure CSS using the animate property.

For example, if you would want #img1 to show first, and #img2 to show after, you can set an animation-delay on your second image and make that equal to the animation-duration of your first:

#img1 {
    animation-duration: 2s;
#img2 {
    animation-delay: 2s;

Then in your animation you can animate e.g. the opacity property to simulate a fade-in effect.

More on CSS Animations here.

I created a fiddle doing what you want. For support in more browsers, please advice

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