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Node.js Question

Install Readium Cloud Reder on a Ubuntu web server

So ive been trying for a while to install readium cloud reader. I ran into a few problems I fixed and I thought I installed it correctly but I cant seem to get any of my unzipped or zipped epubs to work.

Here are the instructions for installation I followed:

  • Install Node.js (details depend on your operating system)

  • Install the Grunt build tool using the command line:
    npm install -g grunt-cli

  • From the command line run:
    git clone

  • From the command line run
    cd readium-js-viewer

  • From the command line run
    git submodule update --init --recursive

  • From the command line run
    npm install
    (in the readium-js-viewer

  • From the command line run
    cd readium-js

  • From the command line run
    npm install
    (a second time in the
    readium-js directory)

After this I changed directory into the parent directory then I ran the grunt command
grunt cloudReader
but I get an error stating that there are no grunt files. I thought running the last npm install would also generate the grunt files from the package.json. I looked at the npm debug log but I cant see any meaningful error messages. Can anyone help?

Answer Source

You need to run commands using npm, as grunt isn't used as a task runner for the project. You can see a list of the commands in the scripts property of package.json.

I followed the instructions under Git Initialisation in the repo and got things up and running locally:

# replace "BRANCH_NAME" with e.g. "develop"
$ git clone --recursive -b BRANCH_NAME readium-js-viewer 
$ cd readium-js-viewer
$ git submodule update --init --recursive
$ git checkout BRANCH_NAME && git submodule foreach --recursive "git checkout BRANCH_NAME"
$ cd readium-js/ && npm update && cd ../ # had to update as some dependencies were missing
$ npm run http # launch the development server

I have no idea how to package or add content, though. It looks like the epub_library.opds is updated somehow and books in epub_content appear in the bookshelf.

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