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SQL Question

How to enter special characters like "&" in oracle database?

I want to insert special character

in my insert statement. My insert is:

INSERT INTO STUDENT(name, class_id) VALUES ('Samantha', 'Java_22 & Oracle_14');

If I try to run this query I am getting a popup and it asks me to enter value for

How can I enter special characters like
in the insert statement for oracle db?

Answer Source

If you are in SQL*Plus or SQL Developer, you want to run

SQL> set define off;

before executing the SQL statement. That turns of the checking for substitution variables.

SET directives like this are instructions for the client tool (SQL*Plus or SQL Developer). They have session scope, so you would have to issue the directive every time you connect (you can put the directive in your client machine's glogin.sql if you want to change the default to have DEFINE set to OFF). There is no risk that you would impact any other user or session in the database.

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