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C# Question

Getting the folder name from a path

string path = "C:/folder1/folder2/file.txt";

What objects or methods could I use that would give me a result of

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I would probably use something like:

string path = "C:/folder1/folder2/file.txt";
string lastFolderName = Path.GetFileName( Path.GetDirectoryName( path ) );

The inner call to GetDirectoryName will return the full path, while the outer call to GetFileName() will return the last path component - which will be the folder name.

This approach works whether or not the path actually exists. This approach, does however, rely on the path initially ending in a filename. If it's unknown whether the path ends in a filename or folder name - then it requires that you check the actual path to see if a file/folder exists at the location first. In that case, Dan Dimitru's answer may be more appropriate.

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