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Ajax Question

json_decode returns json string not an array


$data = json_decode($json, true);


Output given is
{"EventTitle":"Game","EventBody":"body","EventDate":"20 November, 2016","EventType":"party"}

Json Data posted is:

{"EventTitle":"Game","EventBody":"body","EventDate":"20 November, 2016","EventType":"party"}

Writing the json data in a variable and passing it to json_decode works but posting the same from the "php://input" returns a JSON data instead of associative array.

Answer Source

It looks like @tkausl is correct. The JSON you're receiving has been double-encoded. Since it's double-encoded, a temporary solution would be to double-decode it.

$data = json_decode(json_decode($json), true);

But the real solution is to figure out why it's like that to begin with and fix it (if it's yours to fix).

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