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How to load Angular translate with external modules loaded with oclazyload?

I'm working with oclazyload for the load by demand of external modules and I need to translate the content, so I'm using

but the translation does not work because the code that adds the part is within the controller that is loaded asynchronously.

.controller('invoicesCtrl', invoicesCtrl);

function invoicesCtrl($scope, $translatePartialLoader, $translate) {



The main app loads the translations here:

(function () {

angular.module('main', [
'ui.router', // Angular flexible routing
'pascalprecht.translate' // Angular-translate

angular.module('main').config(function ($translateProvider, $translatePartialLoaderProvider) {

$translateProvider.useLoader('$translatePartialLoader', {
urlTemplate: './i18n/{part}/{lang}.json'


// Enable escaping of HTML



And for the lazy load for
and other controllers I use (this is working fine):

function configState($stateProvider, $urlRouterProvider, $compileProvider) {
function resolveUrl(path){
var loadUrl = { // Any property in resolve should return a promise and is executed before the view is loaded
loadModule: ['$ocLazyLoad', function($ocLazyLoad) {
// you can lazy load files for an existing module
return $ocLazyLoad.load(path);
return loadUrl;

I need to load this
before the controller itself.


Maybe an approximation can be to use an event but I'm new in javascript and I do not know how to implement it.

Answer Source

I solved using in the main app controllert a new function called when the link in the navigation is clicked:

<li ng-class="active" ng-click="getModuleLang('invoices')">

main.js file:

    .controller('appCtrl', appCtrl);

function appCtrl($scope, $translate, $translatePartialLoader) {

    // Secure translate module added to language lazy load

    // Function that changes the language based on the headers language buttons
    $scope.changeLanguage = function (langKey) {

    // Load the language modula based on the navigation element clicked
    $scope.getModuleLang = function(module){
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