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JSON Question

How to return json using Flask web framework

My aim is to do data summary in python using Pandas and return the summary in the form of JSON. I am using the Flask web framework to return JSON.

My code to get JSON is as follows:(excluding libraries)

data = pandas.read_csv('D:\myfile.csv')
for colname, dtype in data.dtypes.to_dict().iteritems():
if dtype == 'object':
print colname
count = data[colname].value_counts()
d = dict((str(k), int(v)) for k, v in count.iteritems())
f = dict(sorted(d.iteritems(), key=lambda item: item[1], reverse = True)[:5])
print f

In Flask I have to do the following things:

def some_fn():
# identify filename

# do summary on file

# send it back as json

Answer Source

If f is your dictionary, you can just do

return flask.jsonify(**f)
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