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How to disable list item of dropdown in angular js using ng-disable

this is my html file

this is my dropdown having two listitems password reset and send activation email i want to disable send activation email when current state= 'not ready'.

<div class="active-send-select" pull-left btn-group title="{{::'title.button.send' | translate}}">
<button class="btn dropdown-toggle" data-toggle="dropdown" ng-disabled="user.entity.isGeUser == true">
<i class="fa fa-envelope fa-lg"></i> <span class="action-button-text">{{::'label.button.send' |
translate}}</span> <i class="icon-chevron-down pull-right"></i>
<ul class="dropdown-menu filter-state">
<li ng-disabled="currentState == 'Not ready'"><a href="" ng-click="openConfirmationModal()">{{::'label.dropdown.sendActivation' |
<a href="" ng-click="onPasswordReset()">
{{::'label.dropdown.resetPassword' | translate}}</a>

this is my javascript code

$scope.currentState = 'Not ready';

Answer Source

You can do this without a custom $scope function:

<li ng-disabled="currentState === 'Not ready'"></li>

If that condition evaluates to true then disabled will be true. However seeing as you're putting this on a li element I don't think anything will happen. You'd be better off putting this condition on a button element.


The problem here is that disabled attributes have no effect on li elements. If you want to show that that list item is disabled you will need to apply either a class or a style, using ng-class or ng-style respectively.

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