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Apache Configuration Question

How to make a Django+Ember application run on a domain name and a certain port number

I want to run a Django+Ember website on my website on a certain port number (eg. 54321), for example:

I got the Django+ember application working on my domain name (without the port number specified) like I can not get it working with the command:

python3 runserver

Do I need to add anything to my
file? I know my current configuration for the httpd.conf file is correct because it works without a port number. But what am I missing to make it work on a certain port number?

Answer Source

You have to add the port to your httpd.conf configuration. Example:

Listen 54321
    DocumentRoot "/var/www/my-django-app/"
    # Other things...

Don't forget to restart your apache service... For more information read the documentation:

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