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How to instantiate an array with key-value pairs in TypeScript?

I want to instantiate an array of key-value pairs in one step, but I can't figure out how. Auto-numbering won't work in my use-case. I can only make it work in two steps:

let army: string[] = [];
army[100] = 'centuria';
army[1000] = 'legion';

What I'd like to be able to do, which is available in most other programming languages:

let army: string[] = [
100 => 'centuria',
1000 => 'legion',

Is there any way to do this in TypeScript?

Edit: I can't use an object as I need to pass the data to an interface which is expecting an array.

Answer Source

There's no such functionality in javascript, but you can easily create it:

function arrayFactory<T>(obj: { [key: number]: T }): T[] {
    let arr = [];

    Object.keys(obj).forEach(key => {
        arr[parseInt(key)] = obj[key];

    return arr;

let arr = arrayFactory({ 100: "centuria", 1000: "legion" });
console.log(arr); // [100: "centuria", 1000: "legion"]

(code in playground)

The question is why not using an object as key/map to store this data? What different does it make to use an array (which is basically an object itself)?

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