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What are the use cases of multilevel Symbols?

Glossary: What I mean by multilevel Symbol is something that is like #Dummy.bar instead of single level like #bar. Dont know what is better name for it, sorry.

Symbols are very nifty. I can do:

class Foo {
static String hello() => "Said hello!";

ClassMirror clMir = reflectType(Foo) as ClassMirror();
print(clMir.invoke(#hello, []));

It prints Said hello!. Great!

But one cant do:

class Bar{
static final Bar bar = new Bar();

ClassMirror clMir = reflectType(Bar) as ClassMirror();
print(clMir.invoke(#bar.hello, []));

This would fail.

Also, I haven't found a place where you can get reflection for multilevel Symbol, like
and get InstanceMirror for bar or something similar.

So are there use cases for multilevel Symbols?

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There are different use-cases. Primarily, it represents a library name (library foo.bar.baz;). The mirror system uses it for that (see, e.g., https://api.dartlang.org/stable/1.20.1/dart-mirrors/MirrorSystem/findLibrary.html).

Secondarily, the mirror system is sometimes using it as a "qualified name" like library.name.ClassName.memberName to represent an exact class or library member (https://api.dartlang.org/stable/1.20.1/dart-mirrors/DeclarationMirror/qualifiedName.html).

It's not that useful outside of the mirror system.

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