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Objective-C Question

how to send data from iphone over wifi to application, to print message

i would like to know how to do the following:

step 1: how to send the following string from the iphone to a mac computer via WIFI when a user presses a button.

string to be sent: "hello".

step2: how to receive that string with an application i would have to create. it will be very simple. it will have no interface, except it will just print out the message.

How do i achieve something like this. I've never sent a signal over WIFI with the iphone programming. Can someone guide me please?

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I'll quote myself from a similar question:

How can I create a small Mac app that receives data over the WiFi network from an iOS app?

Using the CFNetwork framework, you can use bonjour for discovery and then handle a persistent connection through native sockets for passing data back and forth.

Here is an excellent tutorial to get started, its for iOS but CFNetwork is available in OS X too.

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