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jQuery - remove user input text from textarea

Okay I have a list of devices where i can select which to edit.
I have 3 states for the edit. When no devices are selected, when 1 device is selected or when x devices are selected.

The problem i have is when a user type some text in the textarea (commentField) and cancels the edit to edit another device, the text there was typed in the textarea won't disapere. It stays so when i get the new dialog for the new edit, the commentfield has the text from the old commentField (as if it wasn't cleared)

I have tried the following codes to remove the text (both when then cancel button is pressed and when i start a new dialog), but nothing works:

$("#commentField").text(" ");
$("#commentField").value = ' ';

Is there anyone who knows how to remove user-typed text from a textarea using jQuery??

Thanks in advance.


Answer Source

You're looking for .val():



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