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Java Question

use List Foreach instead of for() Java

I'm currently learning Java and I'm interested in learning how to use the list foreach method rather than using a manually constructed for loop. I suspect they can perform the same.

My current code looks like this:

while(! {
for(int i = 0; i < this.table.GetPlayerCount() && !; i++) {
DealOneCardToPlayer(this.table.players.get(i) ,;;

I suspect that there is a way to use something like this: { do suff }

but I haven't quite been able to nail down the syntax... can someone give me a quick hand?

Answer Source

I think you can do it by iterating over the indexes of the cards:

IntStream.range(0, -> {
        this.table.players.get(idx % this.table.GetPlayerCount()),;

Although this doesn't remove the cards as you go; if you really need to be empty after:;

If you want to limit the number of cards dealt out (e.g. you want to deal N cards to each player), the easiest way is to extract a sublist, and then just apply the same method above:

List<Card> cardsToDeal =, numCardsToDeal);
IntStream.range(0, cardsToDeal.size()).forEach(idx -> {
        this.table.players.get(idx % this.table.GetPlayerCount()),
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