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Git best practice commit logs

Kind of a stupid question, but I think it have its place on SO.

I am seeing a lot of commit logs on opensource projects that looks like this;

feat(something): Some description here
fix(something): Some other description
chore(...): ...

And so on..

I am sure there is some smart tools that parses this new style of committing logs, and probably a cheatsheet as well. But I am having trouble finding out what this style is called.
What am I missing? Where is the tools, and where is the docs?

Answer Source

I found some of the repeating pattern @ https://docs.google.com/document/d/1QrDFcIiPjSLDn3EL15IJygNPiHORgU1_OOAqWjiDU5Y and there is a plugin to grunt called grunt-conventional-changelog that uses this pattern.

Looks more or less like an AngularJS phenomen. Angular have been my main focus lately, so thats probably how I have been stumbling on this the last weeks..

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