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Facebook Login App Review requires you to show App using item BEFORE item is approved. How to solve this chicken-or-egg conundrum?

I'm developing a Facebook Login for a website (using the Facebook PHP SDK 3.2.3 since the server is running PHP 5.3).

The website requires several items of information from Facebook Login to complete the registration and profile creation of new users logging in through Facebook, and the majority of those items need to be approved by Facebook.

However, several of the items I requested were not approved.

Here is the Feedback from Facebook regarding why they weren't approved:

Your screencast doesn't show how this permission is used in your app,
and we weren't able to reproduce the permission on our end either.
Please upload a new screencast and update your submission notes before
you resubmit. Learn more about making and submitting a screencast.

Further below it says:

We need to see your app using user_about_me so we can see that it
doesn't violate our policies. Upload a video screencast walkthrough
using any method, (even recording with your phone).

How can I show Facebook the website using
(or any other unapproved item) before Facebook approves that item?

My brain is in an infinite loop about this and it can't break free. HELP!

Answer Source

The reviewers use accounts that can be asked for any permission without review - same as all accounts with a role in your app can.

Users that are listed as Admin, Developer or Tester can be asked for any permission at any time, reviewed or not - so that you can actually develop and test your app, before you submit it for review.

This is mentioned in the App Development FAQ - My app is only used by a small number of people, who are all listed in the Role section of the App Dashboard - do I need to go through Login Review?

  • No, it does not have to be reviewed. If your app is only used by a very limited number of people - for example, to use the Facebook for Wordpress plugin to publish to your profile - it's completely normal to list them all as having different roles in your app's dashboard. They can be listed as Admins, Developers or Testers
  • Some background on this: To enable you to develop and fully test your app, anyone listed in the Role section of your app's dashboard can be granted any permission necessary to test without review by Facebook. The purpose of Login Review is to protect the experiences of regular people who may interact with your app. Directly adding a small set of well-known people directly to your app is used for software development, testing and small application deployments.
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