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SonarQube false positive squid:S1450 for @Getter (lombok) annotated fields

I think I have found a false positive while using the

annotation from Project Lombok.

In the following example class I got the warning "Private fields only used as local variables in methods should become local variables" (

public class Example {

private String exampleField; // <-- squid:S1450

public Example(final String value) {

private void setExampleField(final String exampleField) {
this.exampleField = exampleField;


Can someone confirm this? Is it a bug in the SonarQube rule or is there something wrong with my class or with my understanding of this rule or the

Just for the sake of completeness:

  • Project lombok annotations or the generated methods are recognized correctly in other SonarQube rules. So I think my setup is fine.

  • I have also tried to put the
    annotation on class level and I got the same warning.

  • The warning is shown in SonarLint (in IntelliJ IDEA) and in the web interface of SonarQube. So I think it's not an error while executing the analyzer.

  • I have bound the SonarLint pluign in IntelliJ IDEA to our SonarQube Server and this remote connection works.

I have tested with the following versions:

  • SonarQube 6.0

  • SonarQube Java Plugin 4.2

  • SonarLint (for IntelliJ IDEA) 2.3.2

  • IntelliJ IDEA 2016.2.5

  • Java 8

Answer Source

You're right and I've created the following Jira ticket https://jira.sonarsource.com/browse/SONARJAVA-1924. Thanks for your feedback !

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