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Echo URL to File with Spaces in Name On Network Drive

I have a view set up to dynamically fetch info about a file. This works pretty good. I also want to have a download link to the file in question, which exists on a network drive. I have been unable to figure out how to successfully echo out an

tag with the url correct.

Simply echoing out the tag puts the spaces, and so won't work (but curiously, if I copy the link location and just paste it in my browser, it works just fine).

str_replace(' ', '%20', $location)

gives me the same results as above.

won't work because it appends the domain to the front of my url, and I'm linking to a network drive.

What's my best approach here?

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I didn't realize it, but my question was related to this: Link to file on local hard drive

Bottom line: I'm bumping into a security feature of browsers (even though it's on a network drive, it's coming across as if it were a local file, and direct links to a local file are no-nos in modern browsers). I'll need to alter what I'm trying to do.

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