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Nodejs RangeError: Maximum call stack size exceeded, caused by sending object in response

It would be awesome if anyone can give me a helping hand with this problem.

I am currently running into a problem where calling this express route is giving me the error show below a RangeError: Maximum call stack size exceeded

It only seems to happen when I include the res.json(users[user]); function. If I substitute this function with res.send('Done'); the function runs fine.

I have tried setTimeout, setImmediate and process.nextTick, all giving me the same error, just about.

I'm sorta hoping it's a silly mistake on my end.

//Send Friend Request'/send/friend/request', auth, function(req, res, next){

var query = User.find({$or: [
{username: req.body.username},
{username: req.payload.username}
.select(' username friends notifications');

query.exec(function(err, users){
if(err) return next(err);
if(users.length < 2) console.log('/send/friend/request - There was an error in accessing the users from the db');

//Identify users in array
var user = users.findIndex(function(element, index){
if(element.username === req.payload.username)
return element;
var requestUser = (user + 1) % 2;

user: users[requestUser],

user: users[user],
sent: false

user: users[requestUser],
type: 0,
summary: "Your friend request has been sent to " + req.body.username +".",
status: "Pending..."

user: users[user],
type: 1,
summary: "You have a new friend request from " + req.payload.username + ".",
status: "Pending..."

if(err) return next(err);

if(err) return next(err);

//Here lies the culprit

Answer Source


If user contains reference by itself then res.json fail. Because req.json attempt to explode unlimited object. To avoid this problem you can:

  1. Specify user fields to send

    res.send(JSON.stringify(user, ['name', 'age', ...]))

  2. Define reference as not enumerable property

    Object.defineProperty(user, 'your-ref', {enumerable: false});

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