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How to reset persistent scrollbar position after div refresh in FF3?

I'm experiencing a weird scrollbar issue. I'm building a page that uses jQuery and PHP to dynamically load images into a DIV sequentially. This DIV is a fixed height but uses a scrollbar for its variable width. The problem is that the scrollbar does not reset after a dynamic refresh of the DIV. So when the user scrolls and then refreshes with new content, the scroll bar position stays persistent instead of resetting back to the left.

This seems to only happen in FF3. The scrollbar resets perfectly fine in Chrome, Safari, and IE8.

For each refresh, the DIV is hidden, emptied, sized with CSS, then sequentially appended with images.

I've tried resetting

white-space: normal
before the
, playing around with
, and also jQuery's
to no avail. It still behaves strangely in FF3, and only FF3.

Click a thumbnail, move the scrollbar then click another thumb.

Thanks for any help!

Answer Source

OK, after contemplating David M's suggestions, I figured it out. Since #interiors is a child of #content it was also being hidden. So I had to show it first, set scrollLeft then hide it again. A bit kludgy, but whatever works...

$('#landing, #interiors, #caption').empty();
$('#interiors, #caption').hide();

Regarding the cached data in FF3, I'm still not clear on that. Save that one for a rainy day...


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