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How to automatically generate parameter assignations in class constructors in PhpStorm?

Does anyone know how to save typing in PhpStorm when you create a class constructor and you want to assign all the parameters to the respective class fields? I write it by hand now and I can do it quite quickly with the autocomplete feature, yet it is still a very tedious process.

For example:

class Foo
private $param1;
private $param2;
private $param3;

public function __construct($param1, $param2, $param3) {
// Can I somehow automatically generate the following lines:
// $this->param1 = $param1;
// $this->param2 = $param2;
// $this->param3 = $param3;

Answer Source

Use "Initialize fields" intention. For that: place caret on one of the parameters and invoke QuickFix menu (Alt + Enter or by clicking on light bulb icon).

enter image description here

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